This website has been created out of our love for Salsa music and dance, and to promote anything Salsa-related in the Tucson community.  If you are new to the Salsa world, learn about its origins here.

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Upcoming events

Percussion Solos by three kids

These performers are Manolo Rodriguez, Alex Lebron, and Marcos Lopez.  There's lots of talent here.   We just saw Manolito Rodriguez (left) at the 2010 Puerto Rico Salsa Congress.  He is now 22 years old.  This kid is going to be part of the next generation of great salsa musicians.  


R.I.P. Pablo Lebron from The Lebron Brothers

Rest in peace Pablo Lebron.  

"The Lebron Brothers consisted of Jose, Angel, Carlos, Frankie, and Pablo -- this last one ailed two decades ago by a heart disease that kept him away from performing.

Elio Revé Jr. y Su Charangón

Have always been a fan of Elio Revé.   Ache pa ti Revé!! 


Burju and Victor from Hacha Y Machete

Roberto Roena and Anibal Vásquez Together!

Puro sabor!!!!