This website has been created out of our love for Salsa music and dance, and to promote anything Salsa-related in the Tucson community.  If you are new to the Salsa world, learn about its origins here.

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Van Van forever!

Los Van Van is one of the most important bands in the history of the 20th century. Though 1990s Cuba was pervaded by groups that mixed folkloric and traditional music with the musical trends of the day, and the beginning of the 21st century saw that process go even further, in the 1960s and '70s that Latino fusion sensibility was scarce at best. There were primarily two Cuban groups experimenting with mixing pop, funk, rock, and soul with their native traditions.

Palmieri's "Vamonos Pa'l Monte"

AZ Salsa Festival at The Venue of Scottsdale

AZ Salsa Festival at The Venue of Scottsdale

The 4th Arizona Salsa Festival in Phoenix was a great success and lot and lots of fun.  Great job to AZSalsa.net for putting this event together. Check out a gallery here.





Interview with Willie Colón


 From Fania.com

Together with Héctor Lavoe and Rubén Blades, Willie Colón constituted the Holy Trinity of salsa - the three artists who took Afro-Caribbean music to remarkable levels of lyricism and sophistication.  If Lavoe was the movement's ultimate voice and Blades its poetic soul, Colón was the alchemist, the man who brought it all together.  He fostered new talent, developed a distinct trombone sound, wrote socially conscious epics and made Lavoe shine with his slick production work.  Here, Colón answers a few questions about his legendary career.  

Tuntuneco Torres

With his pachanga...Eddie Torres is the best. :)