This website has been created out of our love for Salsa music and dance, and to promote anything Salsa-related in the Tucson community.  If you are new to the Salsa world, learn about its origins here.

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Upcoming events

Descarga con Tito Rodriguez

A descarga with Tito Rodriguez and Orlando Cepeda:


Issac Delgado's L-O-V-E: Tribute to Nat King Cole


Tito Ortos and Tamara teach the basics

 Tito Ortos and Tamara Livolsi are by far two of the best salsa, mambo, and cha-cha-cha instructors in the world.  Here they show the basic of Puerto Rican on2 style. Enjoy! :)

FYI: Genealogy of Cuban Music


El Espiritu De La Salsa Documentary on HBO

Check out the trailer for "El Espiritu De La Salsa," one of the many HBO Summer Documentaries premiering every Monday night on HBO.