February, 2009

History of Rueda de Casino

Thanks to the defined structure of Casino, appeared the popular Rueda de Casino, a type of choreography in circle form that is made by several pairs of dancers, guided by a leader who "sings" the movements.....

In order to speak of the antecedents of the Rueda de Casino it is necessary to go back to the reign of Luis XIV in France where the first ballets first appeared. As of that moment they instituted "ballets de corte". In order to have a good title it was necessary to know certain choreographies that were performed in the celebrations of the nobility. Clear examples: the Minuet and the Contradanzas.

Bon Voyage to Yuri, Rigo & Pedro

Three of our favorite Salseros are leaving Tucson, Yuri, Rigo & Pedro. They would like you all to join them for a last night of dancing and camaraderie at El Parador this Friday.

The large room all the way in the back of the club is reserved for our convenience. Let's all go this Friday to send them off with a bang and encourage them to return quickly.

10PM tomorrow (Friday the 6th) at El Parador...

Mike S, for Mike M.

Encontrando La Fórmula

Coba Coba

Why Salsa?

I do it every weekend and even sometimes during the work week. It is public knowledge I will be doing this whenever and wherever I can. People know this is the love of my life. I am talking about SALSA! You see, everyone might know what my passion is, but they do not understand it. I will tell each and every one of you- why salsa??

My Favorite Youtube Salsa/Cuban Music Videos

It's About Time