Black and White 2011 New Year's Eve Salsa Gala!!

Dec 31 2010 8:00 pm
Jan 1 2011 2:00 am


2010 AZ Salsa Congress

Apr 10 2010

Grupo Manteca @ Las Casuelitas

Oct 30 2009

Tito Puente Jr. and Orchestra in Tucson

Oct 10 2009 8:00 pm

Celebrate the high-voltage, Afro-Caribbean sounds that made Tito Puente “El Rey,” – the undisputed King of Latin music. Hot horn arrangements soar over irresistible, hard-driving, Latin polyrhythms as Tito Puente, Jr. celebrates his father’s legacy of mambo, merengue, salsa and cha-cha-cha classics and introduces a few new favorites with a contemporary flair. Tito Puente influenced generations of musicians with the conga- and timbale-driven tempos and spicy charm of his arrangements. His animated performance style lives on in his son's infectious showmanship, as he and his orchestra transport the audience to a festive evening in the tropics.


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HocoFest 09: Latin Music Festival

Sep 4 2009

Tucson Jazz Society Salsa Concert with OLU

May 10 2009 7:00 pm

Note: If you say that you are part of the community, you will be able to get in to the event for $10.

Reno Dance Sensation 2009

Apr 16 2009
Apr 19 2009

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Listening to salsa – for dancers

Or, more than you probably ever wanted to know about clave

History of Rueda de Casino

Thanks to the defined structure of Casino, appeared the popular Rueda de Casino, a type of choreography in circle form that is made by several pairs of dancers, guided by a leader who "sings" the movements.....

In order to speak of the antecedents of the Rueda de Casino it is necessary to go back to the reign of Luis XIV in France where the first ballets first appeared. As of that moment they instituted "ballets de corte". In order to have a good title it was necessary to know certain choreographies that were performed in the celebrations of the nobility. Clear examples: the Minuet and the Contradanzas.

11th Annual Los Angeles Salsa Congress

May 21 2009
May 24 2009
“Creating Unity Through Salsa”
MAY 21st to MAY 24th, 2009