Why Salsa?

I do it every weekend and even sometimes during the work week. It is public knowledge I will be doing this whenever and wherever I can. People know this is the love of my life. I am talking about SALSA! You see, everyone might know what my passion is, but they do not understand it. I will tell each and every one of you- why salsa??

In today’s health conscious world, everyone is getting in shape. Why not get in shape and have a blast doing it. Salsa dancing is an excellent cardiovascular workout. With the various assortment of dance moves out there, you work just about every body part- from your head to your right down to your toes. Whether you are taking an instructional class, practicing from a video or on you own, or out there on the dance floor for two hours you will be burning up those calories- left and right. Staying in shape has never been so fun and exciting.

Everyone wants to find a quick fix when it comes to stress. Salsa is proven to be an effective stress reliever. As I mentioned above, salsa dancing is great exercise. When you exercise your body releases endorphins. This body chemical puts the body and mind in a euphoric state of being. Showing your skills on the dance floor, nailing a move, or getting approval that you dance well feels good. If you are a beginner, just getting out there and learning something new and being able to do it, is a great stress reliever in itself- it makes you feel good about yourself. What is a better stress reliever than feeling positive about something you do? Salsa will get your mind off of your worries and keep those endorphins flowing free.

Salsa is a very expressive dance. It gives you the chance to get out there and be you. It is a chance to let loose. You can express who you are. You can tell a lot about a salsero from their movements and body language, when they dance. Some dancers are mild mannered and reserved, while others are wild and free. You can feel and see the passion for this dance on their faces. It does not matter who you are or where you come from. Salsa does not discriminate. The music and the dance gives you the freedom to be yourself. There are no real rules when it comes to how you express yourself in salsa. Feel the music and just “dance like no one is watching”.

Is your relationship becoming a little boring or do you want to spend more quality time with your mate? Salsa will spice up your relationship! On the physical level- salsa is full body contact. A lot of touching and closeness is needed to do most of the moves. A hand on the hip, arms around the waist, fingers interlocking fingers, salsa is a hot and sexy dance. That alone should spice up your relationship. Aside from the physical aspect, salsa dancing will bring you closer on an emotional level. It takes a lot of team work. Working together to accomplish a move and get it right will bond a couple together. Problem solving takes place- for example-which way should I turn to do that move or do I lift my right arm or left arm? Figuring out a new move together builds confidence as well as skills and makes the couple feel good about each other and about themselves. Not to mention, when humorous salsa bloopers occur, it will make the couple laugh together and just have a good time.

Meeting new people is something else that will occur when you dance salsa. Salsa classes are a good way to meet people. It is a weekly occurrence, so you will see these people more than once. You usually pair off and wind up sharing a special bond with that classmate because you both are learning together. You are all there for the same purpose, which automatically gives each and every one of you, something in common.

On the advanced side of dancing, most salseros travel in packs together, so you will always see a familiar face in one of the clubs. When someone asks you to dance, strike up a conversation. You at least know that you have something in common with that person, if it is nothing more than your passion for salsa. You will meet all types of people- people from different races, religions, job descriptions, personalities. You will learn from the various people you meet that all walks of life share your same passion for salsa.

If you are hoping to make a love connection, this is a great way to meet someone who shares your same interests. You know with that person you will be able to do what you love so much. To try to get some more “together” time with that person, ask them to practice some moves with you- outside of the club. You will have plenty topics of conversation. You can talk about salsa singers, concerts, moves, classes- there are all kinds of areas in salsa you can discuss. You won’t have to worry about lack of conversation.

Do you want to see growth within yourself? Salsa will prove to you that you can learn and grow. We all start somewhere, and for a majority of us, that is at the bottom or the beginning. When you just start out it is a given that mistakes and fumbles will occur. What is so rewarding is when you learn a move or a step and just keep improving upon it. Then you move on to the next one and next one until you get it right. It is such a good feeling of accomplishment when you look back and remember where you started and how you did. And then you see how much you have learned and grown since then. Videotape yourself when you first start learning, and the videotape yourself when you are feeling more confident and comfortable with the moves. You will be so proud of your growth. But, also know that there is plenty of more room for even more growth. Salsa is a continuous learning and growing experience.

Another reason salsa is so great is because you will continuously learn something new. Being so lucky as to travel to many different regions, countries, and cities around the U.S. and Latin America, I find that I am always finding out something new about salsa. Whether it is the music and singers themselves, or the dance moves. Having been to different cities, you see that salseros have all different styles. Yours is not the only one. It is fun to experience others. It gives you room for growth and a new and fresh style to try to learn.

Next time someone asks you “why do you like salsa so much”- look over this article again.

To sum it up, I would simply say, it is the most enjoyable way to stay in shape and release stress. It gives you the freedom of expression and a way to spice up your relationship in more ways than one. You might be able to meet the man or woman of your dreams, or at least some lifetime friends and acquaintances with a common interest. Salsa gives you room to improve and is a great way to show your accomplishment and improvement on your skills. It also provides a constant learning experience.

Once you explain this to someone who questions your passion for salsa- they will never again ask- why salsa?


By Heidy Robinson
From SalsaWild.com