Local Music Artists

Tucson is privileged to have a group of great latin musicians. Here's the list of Salsa, Mambo, Son, Guaracha, Merengue, and Bachata local musical ensembles .


Combo Unico

The Combo Unico is a six piece Salsa band that Amilcar, Wladimir and Onofre started several years ago with the idea of experimenting with the traditional and contemporary rhythms of the Caribbean and Latin American Countries in general. Although it started as a “Charanga Band” it has been changing and developing through evolving styles of Orchestration. It is an energetic “Salsa” band, that is always “grooving”, and is therefore very appealing to the dancers as well as the listeners. It is primarily a dancing band, but, because of the musical background of the musicians in the band it has some elements of jazz in it.Due to the enthusiastic response from audiences the band has been expanding its venues, creating more opportunities for salsa dancers to take advantage of. All the members of the band are fine musicians with all different music backgrounds.

Contact: Wladimir @ (520) 603-2603

Cuban Guys

Description coming soon!

Website: http://www.cuban-guys.com
Contact: (520) 270-3500


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Contact: (520) 307-3699


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Orquesta Salsarengue was formed 6 years ago by some of Tucson's finest salsa musicians, with the dream of bringing, fresh, explosive Latin music to southern Arizona. As the name suggest, we play Salsa and Merengue but don't be surprise to here a Cha-Cha, Cumbia or a Salsat

on which is salsa mix with Reggaeton somewhere during one of our presentations. Great musicians such as Oscar D Leon, Frankie Ruiz, India and so many others influence Orquesta Salsarengue. We are currently working on our first CD, which will contain original songs written by our female Vocalist Mey Lhin from Cuba and also some cover salsa tunes infuse

d with the flavor, passion and energy that Salsarengue puts in all their songs. Tony Thomas explain that his goal as leader of the band is to make music that everyone will enjoy for years to come and to become an institution like so many others have done with this music we all love and call.........SALSA.

Contact: 520-977-6794 or salsarengue520@gmail.com

Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta

A Brief Introduction to Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta, featuring Salvador Duran It’s a safe bet that most of us 

haven’t heard the term “Indie Mambo” to describe a group before now, because such a style simply did not exist until young Sergio Mendoza invented it in late 2009, in Tucson, Arizona. The impetus? Mendoza was participatingin an annual benefit event held at the world famous Club Congress, called ‘The Great Cover-Up,’ and had chosen the legendary Cuban bandleader Perez Prado as his coveree, as the rules of the event dictated. But combining that influence, as well as Cumbia and other Latin styles, with psychedelia-tinged rock music proved to be a formula that was extremely palatable, nay – savory, to Arizona music fans and Mendoza’s fellow musicians. Mendoza had long paid his dues in various redoubts of the greater Tucson music scene – first with the crowd-pleasing Latin-influenced rock group The Jons and then with his own combo Seven to Blue, where he first got to spread his wings as a songwriter and bandleader. Read more here
Contact: Sergio @
 (520) 623-7897 or through Facebook


Tito y Su Nuevo Son

Tito Y Su Nuevo Son was formed on the roots of Afro Cuban music. The members of "Tito" are some of Southern Arizona's

most capable and knowledgeable Latin musicians. Most importantly, "Tito" is comprised of upmost professionals within the music industry. "Tito" brings you authentic sounding music and is one of the most versatile bands. Not only do they bring you Cuban and Puerto Rican rooted rhythms, but also Columbian and Dominican such as Bachata, which is a style of music rarely performed by Salsa Bands. Latin Jazz is certainly within "Tito's" versatile song selections as well.


When requested, Tito Y Su Nuevo Son also has an abundant R & B, Pop, Pop Rock, Mexican Cumbia and Mexican Pop song list in addition to it's already versatile repertoire.


"Tito" has performance experience at Jazz Festivals, Weddings, Dance Venues and many types of other occasions.  On September of 2010 at the Downtown Latin Jazz Festival in Tucson, AZ, Tito Y Su Nuevo Son had the honor of playing behind legendary pianist for the Fania All-Stars, Larry Harlow.


 For simply great Salsa/Son Music, look no further.


Contact: Manny @ mannyguitarist@yahoo.com